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Our Services

SRS Direct is based in central Bournemouth and we offer a fully mobile, low cost repair service to the motor, marine, leisure and other sectors, and to the public. Our clients range from local Councils and multi-national businesses based in the UK to private individuals whom we can visit at work or at home, thus saving valuable time and the unnecessary expense and inconvenience that often accompanies the loss of a vehicle.

Our comprehensive insurance cover ensures that vehicles and other goods remain secure and fully protected whilst in our possession.

Professional Body Repair Services

Unlike many mobile repair services, we offer a fully mobile paint and dust extraction unit as an optional extra for individuals or companies that may require us to manage large projects within shared workshop space when weather conditions dictate the work cannot take place outside. A small additional cost is charged for this facility, an often essential feature when staff and other individuals need to be protected from possible over-spray and dust particles.